Studio 3 – Marketing Persona

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A marketing persona is a made up, general representation of a company’s¬†possible customers/target market. They are helpful in marketing and advertising because they can help focus where a business should be advertising – for example the types of social media they are on¬†or what types of magazines the customers may read. It is a way for the business to get into the mindset of its target market it wants to attract and understanding them and the best ways¬†to reach them. Once you know your target market you can customise your¬†message and it’s content to better reach them.

I have created three marketing personas of potential customer’s to my cafe:

Marketing PersonasMarketing Personas2Marketing Personas3


How to Create Detailed Buyer Personas for Your Business¬†–¬†Written by¬†Pamela Vaughan

Studio 2 – Project 3

Culture, Design, Graphic Design

Two weeks ago we started our third (and final project) for this trimester. With a real client. It’s been an interesting experience so far. Now because I’m a bit behind I’ll try and cover everything that’s happened so far.

Firstly, we got the brief. We were tasked with the marketing (both promotional and operational) material for the West End Festival (WEF). Just a brief summary of what the WEF is all about.

  • WEF is a curated community event which celebrates and promotes the vibrant and diverse West End community across a range of platforms.
  • There will be an action packed program of cultural and community events held in a variety of publicly activated spaces around West End.
  • Aims to showcase artists, organisations and businesses who are located in West End or have historic links to the community.
  • 22-29th October 2016
  • Events of note:
    • Kurilpa Derby
    • Festiva Latina (Day of the Dead festival)
    • Beggars Banquet

After getting the brief we were split up in groups (with 2 groups working on the festival) and sent away to develop a pitch for the branding of the festival. For my group, our concept was:

  • Designs that will resonate with the residents, families and friends of West End, a style that¬†represents the¬†overall culture of the West End precinct.
  • The theme should be bright, fun, exciting and overall vibrant.
  • We want to capture the city‚Äôs welcoming nature towards everything; people, new stores, art, music, culture, etc.
  • Bright colour scheme & geometric shapes that will¬†help signify the connections that people make with the surroundings and the city itself.
  • Some of the¬†ideas we pitched:



From here it got really confusing. A good example of how it actually is with real clients (not all the time, but sometimes). Our understanding was that one style would be chosen from the two ideas that were pitched. What really happened was that the client liked some ideas from Group 1 and some ideas from Group 2. Now we had a problem. The two styles (kinda three styles) didn’t really go well together. We had bright and colourful illustrative images, flat design and black & white line icons. Now there’s a challenge…

We also had some pretty tight deadlines with this project so it was straight to work, trying to figure out how we could mesh these design styles together. One group was tasked with designing the logo (with help from the other group too) while the other group works on the poster. My group was working on the poster first up, along with some of the operational forms (letterhead, with comps, media release forms, etc.).

I was finding it pretty hard to make two styles work (this is also the final logo):




But because this is what the client wanted, we worked on a few possible rough drafts of the poster to show them. We have since showed the poster and logo to the client and have agreed that the two styles weren’t meshing and have come up with some new poster designs to put forward.

Last week I¬†developed a spreadsheet that outlined each task we have to complete, who will be working on it, when it’s due, if it’s finished, and if we’ve sent it to the client for review.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 6.55.20 PM

As you can see, at this stage we have sent a majority of the collateral to the client for review and only have a few left to work on. We are working on brainstorming if there is any more pieces of collateral (desirables) that we could work on and deliver to the client. These are the ones I’ve worked on. We decided¬†to keep the operational collateral in a corporate style, sticking with the dark grey colour and really simple and neat.

I’ll upload images of the poster later but with it and the other promotional collateral, we have added more colour to make it bright and vibrant and be reflective of the West End community.

I’ll keep you updated over the next few weeks with what we are working on.

Thanks for reading. Remember, if you have questions, ask them.

– KH