Studio 3 – Storyboard

Design, Graphic Design, Marketing

Hey guys! I’ve been working hard on my project as we only have a few days left before it’s all due. One of the final learning outcomes is making a short ad for my cafe.

The first step was thinking through the style of ad I wanted and what type of shots I would want in it. After a bit of research I wrote out a “shot list” (I think that’s the right terminology). This is the list of shots I came up with:

  • Street view
    • 2 angles because it’s a corner cafe
      • pan up one side of building (past window)
      • pan from other side
      • maybe further away shot of cafe (from across the street)
  • walking into the cafe
  • pan of coffee machine
  • tamping coffee grind
  • setting up a coffee shot
  • shot dripping out
  • people talking or laughing
  • pan of outside area
  • someone holding a cup
  • pouring milk
  • sipping coffee
  • people chatting
  • food in cabinet
  • cup on the bench

I’ve also drawn up a bit of a storyboard (don’t judge me because it’s the first one I’ve done and I don’t think I’m much of a drawer – stick figures for the win!).

new doc 35_1new doc 35_2new doc 35_3

I will be uploading the video soon so stay tuned.


Studio 3 – Porter’s 5 Forces

Design, Graphic Design, Marketing

Another marketing tool – Porter’s 5 Forces. This tool can be used to identify and analyse the competitive forces that are shaping different industries. By knowing and understanding where the power lies in the industry you are entering, you can gain a competitive edge over the competition.  These are the five forces:

1. Competition in the industry;

2. Potential of new entrants into the industry;

3. Power of suppliers;

4. Power of customers;

5. Threat of substitute products.

Again, using this tool for my cafe, this is what I’ve come up with (using a worksheet from

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 11.11.01 AM

And from this worksheet I have concluded the following:

  • The competition in the industry is extremely high as there are numerous cafes, that are similar in style to Grinders Coffee House.
  • The threat of substitution is strong because customers can choose to go to other cafes for their coffee.
  • Buyer power is weak as there are a high number of them and they are a fragmented audience (customers vary). Therefore the industry (the cafes themselves) can set the price.
  • Suppliers would have some power as there are a lower number of them in the market.
  • The threat of new entry is medium. There are costs involved in setting up a new cafe, a lot of time to put into it and some specialist knowledge would be required.


  • Investopedia  –
  • Mindtools       –

Studio 3 – SWOT Analysis

Design, Graphic Design, Marketing

Today we are looking more at marketing and the tools that can be used to improve your business. The first one is SWOT analysis. This is a good tool because it looks at your business’ strengths, weaknesses so you can understand them and then determine any opportunities that exist and threats you might be facing.

I found this website useful in developing my analysis and they had a handy worksheet too:

SWOT Analysis at

For my café, Grinders Coffee House, this is the SWOT analysis I developed:

  • It’s a new and different café opening up — some people like to try new ones
  • It’s new — can create hype of the new cafés grand opening
  • Ethically sourced, good quality coffee
  • Family based café
  • Good customer service
  • The café has little market presence or reputation
  • Similar product range to other cafés
  • New staff who will have to get to know each other well in order to create a good atmosphere
  • Cash flow could be unreliable when café is first opened
  • Cafés are very popular at the moment — booming market
  • Location – key to building up regulars
  • A place where people can come to relax
  • Efficient ordering system with new technology (apps)
  • Choosing a fair-trade coffee bean supplier (or sourcing a new one) and ensuring the workers are being treated ethically
  • Competition of surrounding cafés
  • Finding a suitable location where the café will thrive
  • Funds needed to start the café
  • Ensuring the café meets OHS standards before opening — cost of that
  • Meeting government regulations

Studio 3 – Packaging

Design, Graphic Design, Photography

We had a look at some different types of packaging designs and how you can use them creatively to stand out from competitors.

I found some pretty cool examples of creative packaging. I tried to find some for cafes specifically because thats what I’m working on at the moment but there were some really cool other ones I wanted to share too.

Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasters

Black Bear Brews

Bite Bakery

Trident Chewing Gum

Hanger Tea

And finally Rope Pack (thought this one was clever)