Studio 3 – Social Media Campaigns

Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media

This week we looked at the power of social media in advertising campaigns.

#lastselfie – a Snapchat campaign by WWF

They used snapchat selfies of endangered species using the fact that after the short time allocated for the snapchat, they simply disappear before your eyes…as they will do in real life if we don’t take action. So in the snapchat video they actually have a call to action, asking for help by sharing, adopting an animal, or donating through SMS.

Their results:

“After one week, 40,000 tweets hit 120 million twitter timelines meaning 50% of all active twitter users were exposed to it. With headlines in more than 6 languages #LastSelfie raised global awareness and in just three days WWF reached their donation target for the entire month.”

12,000 Mini Miracles – West Jet

WestJet wanted to encourage their 12,000 employees to perform mini miracles. They gave out free trips, christmas dinners, filled up petrol, gave out warm blankets to homeless and heaps more. Their aim was to do 12,000 miracles in 24 hours and they ended up doing almost 32,000 in that time with a video of each mini miracle (or the majority, I guess) to be submitted to social media.

Their results:

“The campaign was mentioned in 400 media outlets in 214 countries with over 2 billion media impressions!” They earned $2,260,930 in media value. For a list of their actual results go to this link.

Wouldn’t it be yummy? – Lays

This campaign challenged users to submit ideas for Lays’ next chip flavour by submitting online, through a Facebook app or via SMS. They got over 4 million flavour ideas submitted.

Their results:

After 3 finalist flavours were created there was another vote with over 1 million people interacting through Facebook, Twitter and texting. They used the campaign in two ways – letting consumers know that they wanted to know their opinion and it also gave them a voice in product development. The campaign tripled Frito-Lay’s U.S. Facebook fan base and boosted sales by 12 percent nationwide.