Studio 3 – Self Reflection

Design, Graphic Design, Project Management


What worked?

Grinders Project

  • I’m happy with how professional it all looks.
  • I think the style I chose for my brand worked really well, it’s clean, minimal and is on trend at the moment.
  • The branding across all of my collateral is consistent.
  • I think I got a lot done, finished all my deliverables and even got around to a few desirables.

Self Promotion Rebrand

  • I’m really happy with my new logo and the colour scheme – it’s nice and simple, should stay in style compared to my last one.
  • I now have my portfolio all ready.

What didn’t?

Grinders Project

  • I don’t think the icon set really worked. I didn’t find enough uses for them throughout all of the collateral.
  • For my menu, takeaway food trays and coffee cup sleeves, I didn’t allow for the colour changing when I printed on the brown kraft paper so when I printed it the navy and the teal went a lot darker than I wanted it to and I had to adjust.
  • The loyalty card die cut is a bit hard to cut out because I made it a thin line (so it does work and if I got it professionally printed it would be ok, I’m just trying to cut it myself).

Self Promotion Rebrand

  • I didn’t allow enough time to get each item (business cards, portfolio and packaging) printed at a high quality and the way I wanted to. This was due to prioritising other work over it and forgetting about it.
  • Some of the document setting up was wrong. For my portfolio I had a 1.5cm margin to allow for sewing the portfolio together but I didn’t think it through and it should have alternated as I’m printing it double sided. This meant that I had to go back through each of my portfolio booklets and adjust the margin on every second page.

How could you improve?

  • For any of my next projects I think that I need to spend a little bit more time in the planning stages and not just rush straight into the design stage. I need to get into the habit of taking the time to think through each of the tasks I’m setting for myself. This will make it less stressful when I get to the last few weeks and realise I’ve set myself too many tasks or one of them wasn’t really necessary.
  • Also, taking the time to set up documents (and thinking through where I want the margins, etc.) will save me time at the end and maybe also time for later projects because I could create templates.
  • Print some tests at home before I go to get it printed and if I have any questions, write them down so I don’t forget to ask them when I go in.

I’m sure there are more things I could improve on but that’s all I can think of at the moment.


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