Studio 2 – Digital Portfolio

Design, Graphic Design, Photography

I just wanted to post up all of my final images. If you’ve only just started reading my blog I’m a graphic design student from Brisbane. This trimester we have been working on building up our digital portfolio by experimenting with different art styles and techniques. We did the by producing 5 analogue, 5 photographic and 5 digital images all of the same everyday object. Mine was hats.

For my portfolio, I decided to narrow down my choices (because there are a LOT of hats out there) to just 5 different styles and then produce an analogue, photographic and digital image of each one. My 5 hat choices were:

  1. Top Hat
  2. Newsboy Cap
  3. Felt Wide-Brim Hat
  4. Snapback Cap
  5. Beanie

1. Cover Page

PHO1 - Top Hat

Product photography

DIG1 - Repeatable Pattern

Repeatable pattern

ANA1 - Charcoal

Charcoal drawing

DIG2 - Newsboy Watercolour Collage

Vintage watercolour style

ANA2 - Collage


PHO2 - Newsboy

Simple black & white photography

ANA3 - Pencil

Pencil sketch

PHO2 - Newsboy

Simple black & white photography

DIG3 - Felt Hat DE w Quote

Double exposure + typography

PHO4 - Snapback

Street photography

DIG4 - Snapback Low Poly Final - 120316

Low-poly portrait

ANA4 - Pen

Pen drawing

ANA5 - Watercolour

Watercolour painting

DIG5 - Beanie Bear Illustration

Digital illustration

PHO5 - Beanie

Object photography

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you think 🙂

– Kim



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