Studio 1 – Week 7

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This week I’ve spent a bit of time working on the EP cover for my friend. I had a few possible options/ideas so I met with them on Tuesday just to show them what I had so far and find out if I was on the right track. I was (phew!). They really like what I had so far.

The favourite one so far is the 2nd image in the top row. The first 3 are images I showed them and since then I’ve played around with them a little and done a few more possible ideas. I’ve added bright colours to some of the images just to see what they look like and then I’ll see what my friend thinks of them, just to try something different and use Photoshop a bit more.

Also, I’m still waiting on a track list from them (so at the moment they all just have the album name – Tokyo Drive Club). We are also planning on taking some photos of the band members (a.k.a. the audio students making the EP) and seeing how it would look to have them on the cover or some of the individual track images. I’ll keep you all updated on that front.

At this stage, the font I’m using is Monsterrat by Julieta Ulanovsky (found here) and the images have been found at (and after looking at all of these amazing photos it just makes me want to travel and see some of those places).

Let me know which cover you like best.

This last week we also started our next and final project for Studio 1. It is a digital publication – so a magazine, book, children’s book, portfolio, the list goes on. It should be a good project as we are going to be learning how to develop a working digital publication and we have the chance to some of the animators at SAE too. I will be working on an animated, children’s storybook which will be a fractured fairytale (turning a familiar fairy tale upside down and inside out – changing a character, the setting, plot, etc. to make the story different). Hopefully we’ll be able to include some of the following components:

  • Small animated illustrations
  • Animation of some text 
  • Auto page turning
  • Compelling narrative
  • User enabled Read Aloud functionality with high-lighted text
  • User enabled stereo soundtrack
  • Music, voice overs (narration of the story by a child), sound effects
  • Bookmark pages

It should be a pretty fun project this time.

Quick update on my logo for House 47. There’s been a little bit of back and forth with the client and he’s finally narrowed it down to this option:

House 47 - Option 2 - 151028

He wants it in a few different coloured options so this is what I’ve got so far:

Red-Navy    Red-Navy-White     Red    Navy     Black

I’m also thinking I might put some texture into it but I haven’t decided on that yet.

Also just a little side note, I went to see a band called The Paper Kites last weekend (if you haven’t heard any of their music you should definitely look them up) and they had some really cool prints (by Ross Murray) for sale that look amazing. So of course I purchased them. Anyway, I might try and make some of my own and see how they turn out.

The Paper Kites Prints by Ross Murray

As always, feedback is welcome and much appreciated – something you liked, something you didn’t like, random comments, questions…


– KH